Sacred Journey Oracle Card set is quite unique and offers you a daily guide to your guidance as well as a tool to dig deeper into the spirit realm.
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The Sacred Journey Oracle Card set has been created by Lesley to offer you one of the most profound spiritual tools to awaken your natural clairvoyant abilities.!cards_promo_2

The images in this deck were all hand drawn by Lesley, she then created the cards herself with Photo-Shop, and then wrote the accompanying book with all its descriptions and interpretations. Truly a unique set that you will find a powerful tool in your own growth.

This full colour deck consists of 36 images, divided into three sections. The Animal Spirits help us develop our intuition and instincts, the Angels help us receive messages and clairvoyant abilities and the Masters help us overcome obstacles and raise our spiritual vibrations to higher levels.

The card set is presented in a study and colourful box and comes with a detailed booklet that outlines the many various card spreads as well as the meanings of each individual card. You may wish to simply choose one card a day to offer you insights into the day's energy and challenges. However you may wish to delve deeper and use the various card spreads that Lesley explains to explore deeper insights into your life-journey. Lesley gently guides you into exploring many spreads, including the famous Celtic Cross.

Each card is explained in detail and its wisdom is easy to embrace. Lesley's spiritual artistry is combined with her deep wisdom and the insights she has gleaned as a clairvoyant reader for over thirty years. Make your life sacred, powerful and significant as you call upon the spirits of all realms to join you. Lesley gives instructions on how to bless and awaken your cards so that their wisdom can guide your life into magnificence. 

This set is suitable for a raw beginning through to an advanced soul who wishes to move into the higher spiritual realms. Order your set today!