I have been creating my Spiritual Art for over forty years. During this time I have noticed a gradual change, or perhaps evolution, in the human aura. Your guiding energies, often called "Spirit Guides" are located within the aura. Their loving presence influences your aura colours as well as the colours and resonnation of the Chakras. We have more than one Spirit Guide, and each one has gifts of wisdom to offer us! 

 Native American Indian people have given the west so many gifts of wisdom. They have reminded us of ancient wisdom our ancestors had but have now forgotten. One such gift is the wisdom to know and be guided by our Totems, or animal spirit guides. Traditional people call these spirit beings our "keepers" or friends. The word totem is a Cree word and it means friend or ally.

You are Spirit!! This world, your physical body, is just a temporary place of learning. As your soul enters the dense energy-field of the Earth we often forget this and identify only with the physical.  However, because most of us carry karmic patterns from previous incarnations our lives can contain many negative and painful patterns. Spirit Guides and Angels come forward to help us process old wounds, return to balance and harmony so we can fulfill our life's mission.

Lightbody 01One of the most commonly asked question I receive, almost daily, is how do I awaken or develop my clairvoyant or psychic abilities? I believe that psychic or clairvoyant abilities are not special gifts for the few, but a natural ability. This is why so many Empaths are being born into the world at this time. One of the biggest obstacles to developing this ability is, however, the very fact that you “think” it needs to be developed. If you allow.. it will all flow!

As a child I would spend hours drawing little fairy spirits. Over time I began to hear their messages and they guided me to the spirit realms where I encountered angels and Ascended Masters. What led me to explore these realms was a strong desire to understand why some people suffer and others have good fortune. I ached to know and angels gently led me to the Akashic Records where every person and every event is recorded. I uncovered the law of karma and the law of harmony.

bluebird1My spiritual journey has taken me right around the world, but it was only when I lived and trained in Canada and the USA with traditional Native American Elders that my skills fully awakened within. 

Both my mother and Grandmother had been part of the traditional Spiritualist Church movement in Scotland.

Angel1We all have angels offering help and support. These beautiful spirits come to inspire us and work with our Spirit Guides to help us navigate our lives. The word angel is Aramaic/ancient Hebrew and it simply means messenger. Angels are identified by their "glow." They seem to shimmer or pulsate with a higher, divine light. Angels who have appeared to me have a pure white/silver aura, although the Archangels, such as Michael have a lot of golden glow mixing with the silvery streaks.

Your aura is part of your soul or spirit and your guides and angels speak to you through it. The aura is an interactive, multi-dimensional portal that envelops your physical body but also connects you to your Higher-Self and allows your angels and guides to give you guidance. It is this energy that I draw in your personal spiritual art session.

We are each guided by several spirit guides who are part of your spiritual family. You have usually known them in a previous life time. They are never strangers.