WolfTrailThis world is a place of incredible beauty and it is joyful to celebrate and honour this. Yet it is also very important to acknowledge that it is also a place of deep, often unconscious ever-present fear. Therefore our Earth journey needs to be one of loving balance where we acknowledge the beauty but also respect the darkness that we, in our fearfulness, have also created. It is not helpful to paddle up that river of “denial” and pretend everything is sugar and spice, when it is not.


aaSTARSYour life, my life, everyone’s life tends to be circular. People, patterns and events often return to repeat themselves, over and over again.  This can be frustrating, especially when we think we are "over" an event or that we have totally healed an experience. When this occurs, some of us may feel we have "failed" or sllipped backwards, as we groan, "not this again!" .. Yet the Shaman Elders tell us that we are not seeing the full picture. Life is circular, but it is supposed to rise into a spiral, and this is the true wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.

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Recently I was honoured to be asked to present a workshop on living as an Empath.. a subject matter I feel very passionate about! I truly believe that we are seeing a huge number of empaths incarnating right now to help us overcome the inertia of materialism and to awaken our world to a higher vibrational pathway. Sadly, so many empaths are not supported and some either close down, or choose to exit this planet via suicide. This is why I wrote my book: The Empath, which reveals this pattern and offers several alternatives.

As a child I would spend hours drawing little fairy spirits. Over time I began to hear their messages and they guided me to the spirit realms where I encountered angels and Ascended Masters. What led me to explore these realms was a strong desire to understand why some people suffer and others have good fortune. I ached to know and angels gently led me to the Akashic Records where every person and every event is recorded. I uncovered the law of karma and the law of harmony.

empathplain1Living as an Empath/Starseed in this world is not easy. Empaths feel everything and may not understand what they are feeling and yet once they embrace the wisdom of this gift it brings enormous rewards. Yet it is also a lonely path because for many years I have been unable to discuss what I see/feel and know with others. Yet in the last few years I have begun to see a huge groundswell of people who see, feel and intuit, as I do! 

This is why I wrote my book, The Empath to offer some insights and advice for the budding and awakening Empath.