owl 02It is said that the wise man is guided by the stars, but the fool governed by them, and that is certainly the case these days when many astrologers seem to be always writing “doom and gloom” about the current movement of the planets and the stars. It is very sad, in many ways, because it is all based on getting “traffic” to their site/blog and nothing generates interest better than “bad news.” Of course, as a former journalist I am very aware of how to garner interest. I remember, years ago, I wrote a story about one farmer who had a chemical reaction to something.

owlmanWe often hear people declare that they are not religious, but rather spiritual, as if this definition offers clarity. Sadly, far from clarification, this statement can indicate the exact opposite, because it all depends on how you define spirituality. For many people, simply an interest in psychic readings, or alternative health methods constitutes the definition of spirituality. Others believe that no longer attending conventional church services but believing in angels or fairies means they are now spiritual. There are those who attend spiritual-type churches, listen to channelled messages, or overhead readings, and discuss this over coffee with friends, again declaring they are spiritual.

Starseed2 01We live in times of relative luxury, and much as we may complain about momentary financial or health problems, we all know we have blessed lives compared to our ancient ancestors. Today, thanks to modern science and education, we have so many more choices, and yet so many of us can end up living unhappy or unfulfilling lives -- Therefore we have to ask why?

There are literally thousands of workshops, seminars, and on-line intensives on healing our lives. It is a huge industry but you do need to ask yourself why there are so many varied techniques and workshops. The reason most, if not all of these systems do not manifest long-term change in our lives is because we are still controlled, usually unconsciously, by karmic

starbody pln1

Recently I was honoured to be asked to present a workshop on living as an Empath.. a subject matter I feel very passionate about! I truly believe that we are seeing a huge number of empaths incarnating right now to help us overcome the inertia of materialism and to awaken our world to a higher vibrational pathway. Sadly, so many empaths are not supported and some either close down, or choose to exit this planet via suicide. This is why I wrote my book: The Empath, which reveals this pattern and offers several alternatives.

The world is currently enmeshed in an energy of spiritual inertia. So many are distracted by social media, materialism and petty drama that we forget our true spiritual nature. Yet the Empaths remember and feel everything!

starbody plain1You may have noticed the quotes from “A Course In Miracles” I have placed on some of the pictures on this website, so let me offer my unqualified bias by stating that ACIM is one of the most profound scriptures ever brought to this world. It not only contains the eternal truth of reality, but it is written in a beautiful, poetic way, often in blank verse. That being said, it is can also be very annoying and incredibly irritating to the ego-mind that has the mad idea that it runs the world!

spiral 01If you take a quick look at my site, read any of the blogs or any of my books, you will quickly discover that my underlying message for the world is self empowerment. I see so many people struggling or stressing about their lives. They look for help in all the wrong places, and run from one drama to another. It is utterly exhausting to watch, let alone live!

Yet so many believe this is the only way to live but there is another gentler way to be in this world.. and yet not "be of this world." 

The words psychic and clairvoyant are used to describe various spiritual abilities. The word Psychic means to receive insights or messages via feelings and intuition. This may also include using Tarot Cards and other methods. The word clairvoyant means to see clearly, including the spiritual energies around a person. I refer to myself as a clairvoyant because my most prominent spiritual ability is that of "seeing." I literally see the spirits around you and draw them for you as a spiritual portrait of your energies.

empathplain1Living as an Empath/Starseed in this world is not easy. Empaths feel everything and may not understand what they are feeling and yet once they embrace the wisdom of this gift it brings enormous rewards. Yet it is also a lonely path because for many years I have been unable to discuss what I see/feel and know with others. Yet in the last few years I have begun to see a huge groundswell of people who see, feel and intuit, as I do! 

This is why I wrote my book, The Empath to offer some insights and advice for the budding and awakening Empath.

I have recently encountered large numbers of folks who feel very confused and have misinterpreted