Starseed 022One of the most common “problems” or issues expressed in the spiritual movement today is being ungrounded. We use this term to refer to someone who is so “floaty” that they live dashing from one drama to another, are very scattered, forgetful, exhausted, overwhelmed and usually extremely frantic. In the worst cases, they forget promises and commitments because they are so busy, and because they live on the very edge of exhaustion, one extra demand upon them, such as the car breaking down, or the a meal burning, sends them over the edge. Of course everyone has their frantic moments, especially around the Christmas season, but when it is a constant in your life, you are not grounded and therefore you are not living your soul-purpose, even if you are working as a healer, clairvoyant, or spiritual advisor.

Starseed 01Our beloved planet Earth has undergone many deaths and rebirths because, as a Goddess, she is constantly regenerating. We see her magic every day! Who cannot be thrilled by the blossoming of life every Spring, and perhaps a little sad as winter’s cold fingers sweep through the world each year.

We all know we live in a circle of endless magic because we are part of a living Goddess organism. We are part of Mother Earth, and like her, we have lived many lives in many places. Some of those memories are painful, but some are so utterly delightful that they remain deep within the soul. One such memory is Lemeuria. It is a place that sings in the memory... for it was a time of harmony and wisdom.....

workbook 01The Shaman's Door Series
of books encapsulates my personal journey living and working with Native American traditional people. It includes the core teachings that everyone can embrace in their lives.

The latest inclusion is Sacred Circle Workbook. It includes the day-to-day basics of how to grow smudge herbs, make smudge bundles, create a Medicine Wheel, including a diagram plus a listing of every stone, crystal, herb and colour. I have also included my journey with my teacher, Sun Bear, in Northern Washington State, back in the 1980s. He was a wonderful man who had a quirky sense of humour, but a heart as big as the ocean. I am so grateful to have known him and received his gifts of wisdom. 

Amma 01Mary Magdalene is a woman, a Goddess, and a lover but perhaps most importantly, a Starseed-being who has literally seeded a spiritual family on Earth over many thousands of years. So much has been misunderstood, so many have tried to own her and her story, but that is impossible. Mary is everywhere because she is the oceanic Goddess and she lives in anyone who opens her heart to her deep well of pure, golden love. Mary's Starseeds are awakening right across this world, and each one has her own Magdalene Expression... Amma na Tha is my Mary-Starseed gift of self knowing that I joyfully share with my other Starseed sisters, right across this planet!.. but there is so much more because the Goddess Mother has returned and her starseed sisters are awakening.

Our beloved childhood stories, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (or Briar Rose) and others contain the Starseed teachings of divine or Goddess awakening. As we embrace and allow our lives to reflect Starseed consciousness, our Earth lives begin to reflect or echo these stories. The Goddess Tales will play out in your life in a unique and very personal way, but every awakening Starseed will take the Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty journey. These hidden Codes reveal the awakening of the Starseed Goddess because it is through divine consciousness that the Divine DNA awakens or begins to function consciously -- The Goddess Codes are a transformative journey hidden within simple and ancient legends about an sleeping princess!

I was born sensitive and what my mother called "overly imaginative." For years I battled this gift, which I saw as a horrible curse rather than a blessing. Like so many young people, I felt different, alone and had no idea why I could hear thoughts, see spirits and colours that others could not. My parents were constantly called to the Head Mistresses' office because of my hysterics (as they called it). In despair, my mother sent me north to Scotland and the dubious care of my tiny Scottish Grandmother in the far off Islands of the Hebrides. This mystical and ancient land had a name for me.. I was faye, or gifted by the fairies! Today we have a new word... Empath... And millions of Empaths are currently incarnating into this world....